As power grids approach saturation, demand for decentralised energy storage is increasing fast. In response, we’ve developed an offering focusing on thermodynamic processes, based around a unique portfolio of intellectual property.

Boréales Energy’s all-new solution involves the use of phase change energy storage. The fruit of extensive research and development, our Static Thermal Accumulator can easily be integrated into any cooling system. It also forms the basic technology building block for our forthcoming electricity storage solution.

Cooling exchanger technology

Our Static Thermal Accumulator system (Accumulateur Thermique Statique or ATS) provides a domestic air conditioning solution that takes up much less space than conventional chilled water tank and cooling systems.

Combined with a solar panel installation, our product delivers a high-performance, economically viable solution that is both affordable and flexible.

The ATS unit

Innovation in electricity storage

Our Modular Static Thermodynamic Electricity solution (Stockage Thermodynamique d’Électricité Modulaire et Statique or STEMS) uses a combination of tried and tested thermodynamic cycles: the refrigeration cycle and the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC).

Our innovation uses water to store electricity in the form of a thermal dipole coupled with a cascading phase change system.

The STEMS unit


Boréales Energy has clear goals:

  • contributing to the large-scale development of flexible, affordable energy storage solutions;
  • designing and manufacturing innovative, environmentally-friendly, energy-saving solutions for services, industry, and construction.

We’re engaged in the development, marketing, and manufacture of a new, thermal-based energy storage solution, made in France using simple, sturdy, recyclable materials.

Potential applications for ATS

Our Static Thermal Accumulator system (Accumulateur Thermique Statique or ATS) provides a domestic air conditioning solution that takes up much less space than conventional chilled water tank and cooling systems. After analysis of energy-related issues in a number of areas, Boréales Energy is now ready and able to address needs in the following sectors :

Food industry

Our Static Thermal Accumulator system (Accumulateur Thermique Statique or ATS) already corresponds to food industry operator needs. Applications include all instances where food-grade liquid such as milk, spirits, wine, or beer needs to be cooled in vessels, vats, or tanks. The ATS can also be used in cold stores and for temperature control of all organic products.

Refrigeration requirements for cooling systems and air conditioning

The ATS is a small cooling unit that is very easy to integrate in a refrigeration process. Our cooling unit provides all the power required to lower temperatures to match your specifications and setpoints, and keep them stable.

The ATS meets demanding professional requirements:

  • cooling milk upstream or in milk tanks on farms;
  • cold stores; temperature control for organic products;
  • integration in the cooling tower process; condensers; exchangers.

Cooling for industrial processes

Our cold energy storage solution is just the right size for smaller homes and office premises. Boréales Energy takes the considerations inherent in architectural and air conditioning design into account in its R&D process.


7development engineers
1900hours’ worth of R&D per year

Our partners

Boréales Energy benefits from a robust technology network:


Specialists in the protection of technology and process IP


Experts in industrial solutions for laser welding and additive manufacturing


Designers and manufacturers of thermodynamic machinery based in France

Our business: optimising cold energy storage

Integrators, design firms, manufacturers, farmers, temperature-controlled logistics providers, and architects are among those who need to optimise cooling processes. Looking to cut the overheads on a cold chain?

Time to renew your cold production installation? Short on space to fit out a building with AC?

Boréales Energy is actively committed to addressing your needs, innovating and experimenting as we do so. We’re agile, responsive, and proud to be developing cold energy storage solutions that have huge potential to optimise hydraulic cooling systems.

Our startup uses the agile method, enabling us to implement your data swiftly and tailor our cold energy storage technology to deliver a technical solution that’s just right for your business.

Based in Normandy, France, Boréales Energy has been developed with French capital and stakeholders, in partnership with leading national operators. These include network specialists, wind and solar farm developers, thermodynamic machinery designers, and experts in industrial solutions and renewable energy.

To ensure ATS technology performs as it should and meets the specific needs of end users, we stay genuinely close and attentive to our clients, so we can understand each other properly. To secure that relationship, Boréales Energy maintains stringent, quality-based development, backed by transparent processes.

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