Our Static Thermal Accumulator system (Accumulateur Thermique Statique or ATS) uses electrical energy to produce and store ice to provide deferred cooling.
ATS components are highly modular. The unique design of the ATS exchanger allows Boréales Energy to provide unrivalled performance, ease of installation, flexibility, and TCO.

affordable, and flexible.

Our cold energy storage solution is just the right size for smaller homes and office premises. Boréales Energy takes the considerations inherent in architectural and air conditioning design into account in its R&D process.

Two distinct products:


The ATS is an ice accumulator, designed to be incorporated by systems integrators in chilled water unit refrigeration loops

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Plug and Play

The Blue Ice Bank is a standalone chilled water unit, with the ATS integrated in the cooling loop

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The underlying concept in this solution is the use of the cheapest supply of electricity (solar power) to produce and then store ice for deferred cooling.

The ATS: our economical, innovative, high-performance thermal exchanger

Looking for a reliable, long-lasting static cooling solution? Keen to find a solution with simpler components than a conventional chilled water tank, refrigeration unit, or hydraulic refrigeration system? Our cube-shaped Static Thermal Accumulator (Accumulateur Thermique Statique or ATS) is up to two-thirds smaller than existing cooling equipment on the thermal energy storage market. Other existing solutions consist of ungainly, bulky units and tubes, arrayed lengthwise.

Boréales Energy has been actively engaged in R&D for five years now. Our work ethos comprises perseverance, technological expertise, careful examination of needs, experimentation, and implementation. The ATS is the fruit of this commitment. Today, our product provides a technical solution geared to emerging demand for cold energy storage.

The ATS is a cooling solution that can be incorporated into a system in two different ways.

  • It can either be integrated directly into the cooling loop of chilled water units,
  • or be supplied in Plug & Play format as part of our standalone chilled water unit, the Blue Ice Bank.

Scope of application

Food industry

We’re engaged in developing cold energy production and storage solutions for industry. Applications:

  • cooling and temperature control for liquids: milk, beer, and wine tanks;
  • warehousing; storage; cold stores for meat, fruit, and vegetables;
  • refrigerated vehicles;
  • shopping centres.


Integration in cooling systems for buildings and premises:

  • data centers and call centers;
  • corporate offices;
  • universities.

Boréales Energy ATS: key benefits


Our Static Thermal Accumulator system (Accumulateur Thermique Statique or ATS) uses only flat surfaces and is assembled using modern production techniques (laser welding), making production costs highly competitive.

Energy efficiency

The energy efficiency of the ATS is 15-18% better than existing technologies on the market, with a thermal pinch of only 4 °C, compared to 10 °C for these technologies.

Energy density

The ATS exchanger and its tank feature an innovative design, requiring 2 to 3 times less space than existing technologies to produce the same quantity of ice.

The ATS and environmental responsibility

Our product is a practical outworking of environmental responsibility, helping to usher in energy transition.

Compatibility with solar power:
The ATS really comes into its own when used to deal with evening demand spikes, using solar power produced during the day at highly competitive rates to produce ice.

Offsetting spikes in electricity demand
The system can offset spikes in demand for cooling from industrial, AC, and other processes, and do so using low, stable amounts of electricity (the power used to load the accumulator is constant).

Recycling :
All ATS components are recyclable.

Compliance with environmental standards:
The refrigerant used complies with current standards – as well as with standards due to come into effect in the near future.