Boréales Energy is a Normandy-based startup established in Caen in 2015. The company is backed by shareholders and partners with experience in the fields of energy and energy systems. Shareholders : 

  • Sturno (network specialists);
  • H2air (development, construction, and operation of wind and solar farms);
  • Seider (specialists in development, engineering, and delegated project management for the construction of solar, wind, and tidal power farms);
  • Enolya (solar and wind power design and development consultants);
  • Culti’Wh Normands (design and development consultants in the energy sector);
  • LB Finance (real estate and property management specialists).

These shareholders are actively engaged in developing the company alongside its founders, including its Chairman, Patrick Ouvry, who has longstanding experience in the field of medical and energy-related systems.


The new round of funding has increased Boréales Energy’s capital threefold, taking the company through a step change to a new structure with new resources.

  • A sales manager.
  • A communications officer, one person in charge of structuring, and a marketing officer.
  • Website : June 2020.
  • Social media presence: Twitter and Linkedln.
  • Now hiring: technology manager; specialist technician.

These industrial partners are illustrative of the high levels of confidence in Boréales Energy’s technology.


For more information Boréales Energy, please contact our President